Memories of Mary Holmes

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  1. Thank you for visiting our site which is still in development! We welcome feedback and hope that you will share any fond memories of Mary as teacher, friend, family, and artist.

  2. Thank you so, SO much! For working on creating this website. Mary and her impressive creative world is such a treasure! It’s a special gift to those who’ve had the opportunity to see and explore it firsthand, but it’s also a treasure for the broader community.
    What your creating here, is part of that gift and legacy. It’s a rich, multi dimensional, creative environment.
    Thank you so much for all your work in bringing this to life.

    Grant Wilson
    Art Therapy, UCSC 1981

  3. As Historian of Old Agoura, I know I have a bit of history on The Castle. You are welcome to view our archives at my home on Colodny.

    I assume you know that it burned down in the 2018 Woolsey wildfire? So sad, as it was in the throes of being restored…

    Please email me!


  4. Many thanks for this beautiful website, a fitting tribute to Mary’s contributions to art, art history, and the extended artistic community, not to mention all on the web who find and enjoy her imagination, ideas, and gorgeous paintings and design. I have known Mary as a family friend since I can remember, since my mother and Mary became friends since my mom was a student at Scripps College where Mary taught Art History for many years. They formed a lasting lifelong friendship, and her four sons visited Mary over the years and became very fond of her. After Mary moved to Santa Cruz, our family would rent a vacation house at Pajaro Dunes for the month of August every year, and we would visit Mary. Mary painted a large (about 4’ w and 6’ h), portrait of her, and it was very beautiful. Mother was portrayed in a long elegant dress, sitting upright in a chair in a garden, blooming with spring flowers, holding a large bountiful bouquet in her lap, in early middle age, and both she and the painting were lovely. I felt the painting brimmed with her love for my mom. After mom passed away, her four sons all lacked a wall large enough to display the painting, and we all agreed to donate the painting to Scripps College, where my mother served for many years on the Board of Trustees, advocating forcefully to protect and strengthen the humanities at the college. It’s a very warm, romantic expression of their relationship. I am so happy you have made Mary’s legacy available to everyone down through the years, in such a beautiful way.

  5. This is a Delight to Discover..I was just Taking Pleasure in the Painting she had Gifted me while I was Living and Working with her,in the Very Early 90s,Up at Happy Valley…from my Perch in the Upstairs bedroom in her Studio,I was Participant and Witness to So Many Marvelous Conversations and Activity

    MEMORIES rise and Overflow

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